The Modern Women and PCOS

Womanhood is a beautiful thing and a woman’s body is a forest, it grows slowly and strongly and that is why every woman you see is a symbol of inner strength. Its deep and hidden secrets have left everyone, from the opposite sex to writers and poets to medical professionals, in sheer awe and bewilderment. Being a woman is no joke definitely. But modern woman who play multiple roles these days are under constant stress, ignore the importance of their health and thereby neglect their beautiful womanhood. 

PCOS, the polycystic ovary syndrome, is the most commonly uttered disorder in the gynaecological world. Why is there a sudden raise in PCOS? Every doctor points out to the poor and sedentary lifestyle. Is it really because of this, asks the inner mind of those who are suffering from this disorder. Yes! Is the deep lying answer. Though several other factors like pollution and genetics, which are not directly under our control, contribute partly to this disorder, it is us, who are solely responsible to invite this uninvited guest. 

Yet, there is a ray of hope at the other end of the horizon. Persistent exercises or yoga and a healthy, active lifestyle definitely help one get back to their normal life which is also proven by many, including many leading celebrities in TamilNadu and India. 

First step one has to follow is to get their symptoms related to PCOS diagnosed with a highly learned professionals or clinicians who are constantly updating their knowledge in this field. PCOS foundation helps the patients associate with the right professionals who can help in correct diagnosis, treatment and management of PCOS. Our research team are collaborating with the professionals to share their knowledge and the recent update in PCOS.