PCOS Foundation Members

Founder and President
  PCOS Foundation  

PCOS Foundation is an organization that focuses on the well being of women through research, awareness, and management programs. It is the one place where Scientists, Clinicians, Healthcare Professionals, Dietitian, and Volunteers work together to overcome PCOS. For me, the urge to start the foundation instigated when my research students conducted a thorough survey on girls from urban and rural backgrounds and found that 2 out of 10 students complained of PCOS and they were very desperate to know about the cure for the same. It was very disturbing and that was when we realized the seriousness of this most widely occurring disorder. We started our research and awareness program to unveil the complexity of the disease. Our core research team, who are part of this Foundation, voluntarily came forward to reach out to the public and to help women overcome PCOS and lead a joyful life.  

Vice President

I am a Human Geneticist by profession and a certified Genetic Counselor. I am working on genetics behind human deafness for 12 years. Our PCOS research evolved when we discussed about the change in lifestyle of youngsters and its effects on health. We have nurtured our ideas on PCOS Foundation to benefit the PCOS candidates to lead a healthy lifestyle through our research, awareness and management programs.



Myself, a PhD holder in Human Genetics from SRM IST and is a Government of India recognised ‘Woman Scientist’ under the Department of Science and Technology. Post my M.Tech degree I joined a reputed IVF clinic, where I kept seeing a lot of patients on a regular basis. I found “the journey of the PCOS candidates coming to the infertility clinic to conceive and complete their family” was an agony. It was tedious to find a solution for those women to regulate their cycles and help them conceive. This provoked me to find a way to help them improve their quality of life. This motivated my research to improve the ways of treating PCOS candidates. We, (our team at PCOS Foundation) hope that we might be able to unravel some pathophysiological aspects of PCOS in association with clinicians and help patients along the way.



As a girl who always aspired to be in the field of medicine, I joined Smolensk State Medical University, Russia, to pursue my degree in medicine. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue during my 5th semester due to personal reasons. With my passion for medicine and the curiosity to investigate, I decided to pursue my career in research. I now hold a bachelor's degree (B. Tech) in Genetic Engineering and fully intend to proceed with my higher studies in future. During my bachelor's degree, I worked on the genetic studies of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome under the mentorship of Dr B. Usha. As an enthusiast in research and a fellow cyster who is fighting PCOS, I was intrigued by the various research aspects in exploring about it and therefore I continued working on it. I have also been working as a volunteer in awareness programs, workshops and camps conducted for PCOS by the Foundation. I have now joined this team of like-minded women to help my fellow cysters and help build a community where women support each other in overcoming the hardships of this disorder. I look forward to working with this team and to give my fullest efforts to create the change I wish to see. 

Honorary Member

Graduated from the prestigious MADRAS MEDICAL COLLEGE 1988 batch. Currently an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist Managing Director at SRINIVAS PRIYA HOSPITAL and OM FERTILITY CENTRE. Specialised in IVF & assorted reproduction. As a woman and a Doctor by profession, I know that the increasing change in our everyday lifestyle has taken a toll on the human body. Most of our patients tend to develop PCOS at a very young age which can be avoided with proper approach and knowledge of the condition. For the last 15 years, I have shown special interest in the field of PCOD. I have taken part in research activities and visited schools and colleges to create awareness regarding reproductive health through camps. It is essential to show empathy and provide psychological support to PCOS affected women as it is a chronic lifestyle disorder. I joined the  PCOS Foundation to continue similar public services at a larger scale and to make a change in the life of tomorrow’s women.

Honorary Member 

Dr. Sasikala Natarajamani graduated from Kilpauk Medical College and pursued her post-graduation in Assisted Reproduction in UK from the University of Nottingham. She had the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest minds in countries like UK, the United States, Europe and the Middle East in the field of assisted reproduction. She has been in the medical field for the last 25 years and focussed specifically in the field of Assisted Reproduction for more than 17 years. She is board certified from the American board of clinical embryology and is a member of ASRM and ESHRE
During her almost 2 decades of infertility practise, she found that a major group of women suffering from infertility are women with Polycystic Ovaries. It is her opinion that many of these women might conceive with simple interventions if diagnosed earlier and are advised proper approach to the condition. Her special interest lies in the research of quality of oocytes in PCO and together with the team to dwell deep into the genomic analysis of these patients.