Vision and Mission

PCOS Foundation aims to spread awareness on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)  among young women in India.


Women with the symptoms either ignore or consult inappropriate clinicians and thereby delay their diagnosis. Our vision is to create awareness and help in overcoming PCOS through our research and management programs. 


The aims and objects are - 

  • To establish a support group for any girl or woman who has PCOS 
  • To spread awareness by giving reliable information about PCOS and promote its acceptance. 
  • To organize camps in schools and colleges initially across Tamil Nadu in the process of making young women aware of the condition 
  • To provide proper diet and exercise regimen for women to remain happily healthy. 
  • To share the stories of beautiful young women who rose above their PCOS condition and lived life truly. 
  • To conduct surveys to update information about the prevalence of PCOS in surrounding areas. 
  • To organize online seminars, workshops, symposiums or forums to educate larger population and to bring patients and doctors under one platform.
  • To carry out research for a better understanding, diagnosis and, treatment.