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  • Proper diet and exercise regimen

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Soul cysters

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 22. I had irregular cycle. At first doctor told I have cysts in both ovaries. I did not take it seriously. Shock awaited me only when she told me that I had to undergo laproscopic drilling and that I will have fertility issues. I did not know much about this disorder. Reading from websites only scared me further. I was very depressed. Now that PCOS Foundation is established, I feel those undergoimg my condition will have a place to share their experiences and problems and understand about this disorder. I hope their motivational and PCOS management programs will help all women.

- Soundarya

Previous Awareness Events

In 2014, Dr. Usha and Ms. Rekha identified the distressing PCOS problems among the college students and hence started spreading awareness on PCOS

In 2015, an awareness program was conducted in Sridevi Arts and Science College, Ponneri, Thiruvallur District.

In 2016, the PCOS awareness association of India, named “PCOSAAI” was established on women's day by Dr. Usha, Dr. Rekha and Dr. Janani, in the presence of honorable Dr. Rajapriya Ayappan, a senior Gynaec, Infertility, and PCOS specialist, honorary member of PCOS Foundation.

In 2017, we handed out 10,000 PCOS brochures to college and school students in Chennai. Thanks to SRMIST for funding this program.

In September 2018, an awareness talk was given by Dr. Janani to the students of the Biotechnology Dept at St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai.
Guest of honor: Dr. Sampathkumari, Gynecologist, Chengalpet. 


In 2018 and 2019, PCOS camps were conducted for the patients at the Ohm Fertility Clinic. Patients were informed about PCOS and how to overcome with lifestyle modifications. A survey was also conducted to understand the causes of PCOS. 

In September 2019, an awareness talk was given to the students of Sridevi Arts and Science College, Ponneri by Dr. B. Usha. 
Guest of Honor: Dr.Rajapriya Ayappan, Gynecologist, Chennai. 

In 2020, we have renamed PCOSAAI to PCOS Foundation to support women suffering from PCOS through our Management, Awareness and Research Programs.


 In 2020, our first lifestyle management program has been initiated on July 23rd. Yoga and   personalised diet charts were given for the participants to follow for three months by our   Yoga instructor and Dietitian

In 2021, First International Symposium on PCOS was conducted on January 22 -23. Dr. Smita D Mahale, Director of ICMR, NIRRH, Mumbai was the Chief Guest. Eminent speakers who enlighted the virtual audience were Dr. Rajapriya Ayyappan (Gynaechologist, Srinivas Priya Hospital), Dr. Srabani Mukerjee (Scientist, ICMR), Dr. GJ Christian (Head and Clinician, National Institute of Siddha) and Dr. Paromita Chatterjee (Scientist, SRMIST).  


Diagnosis and Treatment


The doctor examines the patients for the symptoms mentioned in the Rotterdam criteria. If the patient has two of the three Rotterdam criteria, then she may be prescribed the following fundamental blood tests to diagnose and confirm PCOS.

Metabolic parameters

Hormonal parameters

Blood sugar

Luteinizing hormone


Follicle stimulating hormone



High Density Lipoproteins (HDL)


Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL)


Triglycerides (TG)




*(Tests can vary from one patient to another depending on their body condition)                   


The first line of treatment for PCOS is life style management which includes healthy eating habits and doing exercises or yoga to be fit for the entire life. 

Metformin, clomiphene, oral contraceptive pills, myoinositol etc. are prescribed to patients to regulate their menstrual cycle and their blood sugar and hormonal levels. 

Ayurveda also offers traditional medicine along with specific yoga practices to overcome PCOS.

The Modern Women and PCOS

Womanhood is a beautiful thing and a woman’s body is a forest, it grows slowly and strongly and that is why every woman you see is a symbol of inner strength. Its deep and hidden secrets have left everyone, from the opposite sex to writers and poets to medical professionals, in sheer awe and bewilderment. Being a woman is no joke definitely. But modern woman who play multiple roles these days are under constant stress, ignore the importance of their health and thereby neglect their beautiful womanhood. 

PCOS, the polycystic ovary syndrome, is the most commonly uttered disorder in the gynaecological world. Why is there a sudden raise in PCOS? Every doctor points out to the poor and sedentary lifestyle. Is it really because of this, asks the inner mind of those who are suffering from this disorder. Yes! Is the deep lying answer. Though several other factors like pollution and genetics, which are not directly under our control, contribute partly to this disorder, it is us, who are solely responsible to invite this uninvited guest. 

Yet, there is a ray of hope at the other end of the horizon. Persistent exercises or yoga and a healthy, active lifestyle definitely help one get back to their normal life which is also proven by many, including many leading celebrities in TamilNadu and India. 

First step one has to follow is to get their symptoms related to PCOS diagnosed with a highly learned professionals or clinicians who are constantly updating their knowledge in this field. PCOS foundation helps the patients associate with the right professionals who can help in correct diagnosis, treatment and management of PCOS. Our research team are collaborating with the professionals to share their knowledge and the recent update in PCOS.