Success stories


I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 19 (2018), when I came to know this, it doubled the stress I was already facing. I started to figure it out and was willing to do all kinds of activities, diet intake, and lifestyle changes suggested by others. In the beginning, I led a normal college life which automatically became my routine lifestyle. As a result, I reduced my weight and my periods were normal. Then came the COVID-19 lockdown: being at home, eating healthy food, and work stress-free actually made me lazy and increased my weight which in turn invited my PCOS condition back. Now again back to routine college life, my body started to adapt to the routine physical movements and my mind stopped worrying that I have PCOS. Month by month all my old dresses got fit to my body and my ovaries started to do their monthly cycle routine properly.

These 5 years of Journey have taught me that – Our body is made in such a way to go along with nature, do the basic regular works by ourselves, and eat healthy food. Personally, I think there is nothing such as good food and bad food but the portion we intake and never skipping the food are the two main things we should consider as a diet.

“Being a Quaintrelle and a Geneticist, I firmly believe that the universe and the cells in our body reflect our manifestations”.

Eyes Can’t See What Mind Can See...!